Tiered Pricing is a personal pricing system that many summer camps across the country are now using. Gan Izzy does careful cost analysis and works hard to keep fee increases to a minimum, while at the same time the costs to run a high-quality summer camp continue to increase.

Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Gan Izzy allows the parent or guardian to choose the tier that is most suitable for their family. It is really an honor system; you tell us what is affordable for your family. All campers receive the same Camp Kind experience no matter what they pay.

Tier 1 is a rate that more closely reflects the true cost of the Gan Izzy experience.

Tier 2  is a partially supported rate for those who can pay more than the Tier 3 rate

Tier 3 is the rate we are able to offer thanks to the contributions Gan Izzy. This is comparable to rates from previous years..

 Please choose the tier price that you can best afford. All campers enjoy the same great experience.  No questions asked or income verification required.

Charts below are per child and per week and show our multi week discount and sibling discount.
Minimum registration is one week.

All discounts will be computed at the registration checkout 

Rates below are our spring pricing, Spring pricing ends March 28